HaptAI was formed by a group of neuroscientists and programmers who wanted to improve the lives of those suffering from paralysis, degenerative diseases or loss of limbs.

Our aim at HaptAI is to integrate biology and technology to help humans and animals regain the use of their bodies and limbs, be it their own or prosthetic. 

We are proud to announce that HaptAI has created the world’s first neural mesh (NeMe©) interface which allows full integration from the human brain to the affected part of the body. Find out how we can help you be your best you by contacting info@haptai.com

The advancements in prosthetics, neurotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have revolutionized the ability for people to customize their brains and bodies to interact with technology with a simple connection to their V-Z (Physical device only at this stage. We are working on V-Z eye implant integration to the NeMe©). 

Below are some articles and videos that have inspired our work at HaptAI. Although from many decades ago, we think that they are worth viewing to understand how far we’ve come.

Neural Implant Genesis Information:

Article 1 Futurism.com

Article 2 Techworld