R cov r d M ss g 1

April —

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve arrived safe and sound. Traffic on 93 wasn’t a nightmare, for a change.

I’ve got my stuff moved in, one of the guys from the office helped. I went into the office with him and picked up my new whizzy V-Z. I’m typing this message to you on it.

Here’s a pic I took outside the apartment. I’m above the bay windows on the left

Will write more soon.


Reco red Me age 21



Martin has asked, as a matter of urgency, for weather advisory info to be kept on the intranet home page for the foreseeable future so that staff can easily check the situation getting into and out of the downtown area.


Recovered Message 22


I’ve created a cloud dump site to restore data to as a short-term emergency. All of the servers were fried in the flood so whatever can be restored is going to server storage at a site further inland.

We’ll have to try and organize the files and folder structure from there.

The off-site backup storage in Revere is gone as well so we are really going all out to claw data back from the server hard drives.

Will keep you posted.