Rec ed Mes e 5

July 11

Hope you had a happy 4th! A guy from HaptAI has a place on Cape Cod and he invited a bunch of us down for the long weekend. I tried to surf. The ocean sure beats Millers Pond. Did you go out to the cabin for the 4th? My surfing skills need work but I kind of got the hang of it on small waves. The ocean was pretty calm. We had a cook out on the beach. The seafood was fresh and tasted out of this world – lobster, clams and some beers. This is the life – a great job, making good friends, and weekends at the beach.
I’ve attached a couple photos of the weekend. Boston is scorching hot at the moment. I wish I had an apartment with air con! The forecast is for heavy rain and t-storms in the next couple of days. Somebody in the office said the flooding over the winter at high tide turned downtown into a flooded rink.
I’ve got to go. I can see the directors talking in the conference room – looks serious. They just motioned out into the office that they want to see us all in five minutes. I hope it’s nothing bad. I’m settling in really well!

PS. The girl is Jen. I spent some time with her over the weekend. She works at HaptAI too.