Recovered Message 9

September —

Saw boy for first time. Not up close but only behind ICU glass. He’s awake. Not sure what he knows about what happened to him. He was with nurses and a man in uniform (family?) but the boy wasn’t speaking.
His injuries look catastrophic. It was hard to look at him but must be even harder to be him. Poor kid.
The design team couldn’t get in to his room to look at his head/neck for the neural mesh hardware they’re developing to insert into him. The prosth team have had better luck with access. They must seem like a ray of hope to the kid. I won’t forget his face as he lay there on the bed – blank, just blank. Maybe he’s on lots of painkillers. I can’t even imagine what must be going through his mind. Does he know about his parents yet? How is he coping with losing his arm and leg? Devastating.