R cov r d M ss g 1

April —

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve arrived safe and sound. Traffic on 93 wasn’t a nightmare, for a change.

I’ve got my stuff moved in, one of the guys from the office helped. I went into the office with him and picked up my new whizzy V-Z. I’m typing this message to you on it.

Here’s a pic I took outside the apartment. I’m above the bay windows on the left

Will write more soon.


Recover Mess ge 2

May —

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m settling in okay. Everyone at HaptAI has been very welcoming and are showing me the ropes.

I haven’t picked up any cases of my own but I’m shadowing a couple of people. They have some really interesting stuff going on. I know you don’t like all the tech talk but here goes some… prosthetic limb integration with nerves, muscles and the brain is really advanced. They are working on some hybrids (people who have prosthetic limbs and some AI interfacing into the brain) and it’s pretty cool what’s being achieved at HaptAI.

Boston is getting warmer. Cherry blossoms starting to come out. Mornings can be chilly but by afternoon is really sunny and hot. Everyone says the winter and the flooding downtown was unprecedented. I’m just happy to be here.


Rec ed Mes e 5

July 11

Hope you had a happy 4th! A guy from HaptAI has a place on Cape Cod and he invited a bunch of us down for the long weekend. I tried to surf. The ocean sure beats Millers Pond. Did you go out to the cabin for the 4th? My surfing skills need work but I kind of got the hang of it on small waves. The ocean was pretty calm. We had a cook out on the beach. The seafood was fresh and tasted out of this world – lobster, clams and some beers. This is the life – a great job, making good friends, and weekends at the beach.
I’ve attached a couple photos of the weekend. Boston is scorching hot at the moment. I wish I had an apartment with air con! The forecast is for heavy rain and t-storms in the next couple of days. Somebody in the office said the flooding over the winter at high tide turned downtown into a flooded rink.
I’ve got to go. I can see the directors talking in the conference room – looks serious. They just motioned out into the office that they want to see us all in five minutes. I hope it’s nothing bad. I’m settling in really well!

PS. The girl is Jen. I spent some time with her over the weekend. She works at HaptAI too.

Recovered Message 6

July —

Notes on Case 503729:

Boy aged approx 8 years old, currently at Boston CIty Hospital in ICU, coma. Car accident on 4th of July. Passenger in back seat of car. Parents in front seats didn’t make it. Boy not been conscious to know situ. with parent.s Boy has life threatening injuries – loss of left side – upper arm and leg – mid-femur, broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerations to the face.
HaptAI one of the companies asked to submit care plan for prosths for the boy (name not known).
Need to consider age, growth, size, weight. Work on bio integration of limbs – osteointegration may be possible – too early to tell.
On team to draw up plan for nano neural integration.
Big job!

Recovered Message 7

August —

Notes on Case 503729:

HaptAI won contract to build boy’s prosths – left arm and leg. Trial neural mesh integration with prosths – work on sensory control between cerebral cortex, osteointegration, to prosth.
Devise a way to ‘upload’ code to brain / integration / device (design team).
Code team keep working on n. mesh. Jack, our team leader, meeting with neurosurgeons at Boston City Hospital, Prosth team working with hospital surgeons for osteo connection.

Recovered Message 8

August —

Quick note – sorry haven’t been in touch lately. We won a major case – can’t really say anything about it but I’ve been working on code pretty much every minute I’m awake – and even in my dreams!
Cape Cod and 4th of July seems like a distant memory.
One day soon, hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you about what’s going on. It’s all good for HaptAI though so nothing to worry about for work. What we’re working on is pretty serious though.
Take care, be in touch soon.

Recovered Message 9

September —

Saw boy for first time. Not up close but only behind ICU glass. He’s awake. Not sure what he knows about what happened to him. He was with nurses and a man in uniform (family?) but the boy wasn’t speaking.
His injuries look catastrophic. It was hard to look at him but must be even harder to be him. Poor kid.
The design team couldn’t get in to his room to look at his head/neck for the neural mesh hardware they’re developing to insert into him. The prosth team have had better luck with access. They must seem like a ray of hope to the kid. I won’t forget his face as he lay there on the bed – blank, just blank. Maybe he’s on lots of painkillers. I can’t even imagine what must be going through his mind. Does he know about his parents yet? How is he coping with losing his arm and leg? Devastating.

Recovered Message 10

September —

Rained hard last night, mixed with high tide. Some roads leading to City Hospital are flooded making it hard to get there.
When I eventually got to the hospital the military guy was in the ICU room before you go into the boy’s (Jonathan) room. Not sure what his rank is – Major? Colonel? Anyway, he’s the boy – Jonathan’s – guardian. Uncle, maybe. He spoke to all of us in the neural mesh team saying he wanted the neural mesh implanted in Jonathan and it was all go. We’re working hard on getting the mesh coded and ready. It’s non-stop, round the clock work. I don’t think I’ve seen the sun, a bar, a baseball game or a weekend at home in weeks.
It’s all for Jonathan though. We all feel like we need to get the neural mesh perfected for his arm and leg commands and movement so that it’s seamless.
The prosth team are prepping with surgeons to connect his humerus and femur to the prosths. As he grows into an adult it will be less complicated to change out the prosths.

Recovered Message 11

October —

So this is a neural mesh strand that will form one of the thousands of connectors between the prosthetic arm and leg and the neural mesh in Jonathan’s brain. A port is created in the back of the neck; the neural mesh is uploaded into the brain stem and allowed to form in the brain. From there the neural mesh connect to the nerves and muscles of the arm and leg are coded and allowed to integrate between the human side and prosthetic side.

Are you still awake? Just kidding – I love this stuff, it’s why I became a programmer.

Here’s a picture of the port as well. This guy was an early prototype adopter but this is basically what it will look like. There have been years and years of research on this and HaptAI cracked the whole neural mesh thing so there is a link between the brain and whatever technology is needed. In this case we’ll be connecting Jonathan and programming his neural mesh through a V-Z.

Reco red Me age 21



Martin has asked, as a matter of urgency, for weather advisory info to be kept on the intranet home page for the foreseeable future so that staff can easily check the situation getting into and out of the downtown area.


Recovered Message 22


I’ve created a cloud dump site to restore data to as a short-term emergency. All of the servers were fried in the flood so whatever can be restored is going to server storage at a site further inland.

We’ll have to try and organize the files and folder structure from there.

The off-site backup storage in Revere is gone as well so we are really going all out to claw data back from the server hard drives.

Will keep you posted.


Recovered Message 23

from: Luke Meyer <>
to: Jen Miller <>
date: 05 October 2— at 17:27
subject: Advice
Mailed by:
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

Hey Jen,

I know you’re visiting your parents but not sure who else to turn to. Something happened today at the hospital and I really don’t know who to talk to about it.

I got to the hospital a little earlier than Chris and Sarah in the neural mesh team so had to wait around. I went into the ante-chamber of Jonathan’s ICU room to wait for everyone to arrive. The door was open to Jonathan’s room and I could see the military guy talking to a doctor. I sat down to wait. I was on my V-Z going over my notes so wasn’t listening to what they were saying but could hear some words.

Anyway, their conversation finishes up and the military guy and doctor come into the ante-chamber and see me. I stood to say hello and the military guy asks who I am. I tell them I’m from HaptAI’s neural mesh team. Then the doctor tells me to wait in the hallway and that no unauthorized personnel are allowed in the ante-chamber. When have we not waited in the ante-chamber before going in to see Jonathan? They were really off and unfriendly. I had my HaptAI ID on so it’s not like I was some random person.

I’ve been wracking my brain to remember what they were talking about but the only words that I heard were ‘tests’, ‘unusual activity’, and ‘seizures’ – so nothing alarming when you consider what Jonathan has been through and the small risk of the neural mesh connection surgery.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. It was just the look on their faces, like I had broken into Fort Knox.

Hope all is okay with your folks.


Recovered Message 24

Notes on Case 503729:

Neural mesh implant surgery was successful. We’ll monitor the growth and expansion of the mesh throughout Jonathan’s brain and down into his shoulder and arm over the next few days. 

Once the mesh is established then we can connect the prosthetic arm and get to work on the programming.

We’re doing the implants in stages. Once the arm is settled then we’ll work on inserting a mesh implant to connect his leg.

Jonathan still not talking so no one is sure exactly how he feels after the ops.

Recovered Voicemail 1

To Date Time Duration
6175559876 6175554321 10/27/20XX 12:09:42 0:11 3570006453249872 MONTPELIER

Recovered Voicemail 2

To Date Time Duration
6175558765 6175553218 10/21/20XX 19:35:27 0:05 3570006453249865 CAMBRIDGE


Recovered Message 26

To Date Time Duration
6175559876 6175554321 11/14/20XX 12:09:42 SMS 3570006453249872 BACK BAY

I can’t go back to the office. Can we meet somewhere?

Recovered Voicemail 3

To Date Time Duration
6175554321  6175559876 11/14/20XX 16:25:05 0:04 3570006453249875 WEST END

Recovered Message 31

Dear Martin,

Further to my formal letter of complaint, please find attached the audio and video recording of Luke Meyer and Jennifer Miller from Jonathan Jaeger’s ICU room at Boston City Hospital.

As the code stolen from Jonathan was proprietary to ParticCorp, we are taking this breach very seriously. ParticCorp’s programming was an addition after HaptAI’s coding and neural mesh work was completed. Our tests are in an early stage and completely confidential.

Jonathan is unharmed by the physical breach, however, as his guardian, I am considering legal action against your employees and HaptAI.

Col Rob Hammond



Recovered Message 33

To Date Time Duration
6175559876 6175554321 11/19/20XX 19:37:09 SMS 3570006453249872 BACK BAY

Jen you need to get onto HaptAI’s intranet now.

The conversation we had at the hospital is uploaded onto the restored data page the IT guys created after the flood.

How was that conversation recorded? We were at the hospital looking at the code on an air gap machine. There was nothing there to do with HaptAI – except Jonathan’s neural mesh. Was the neural mesh inside Jonathan’s brain recording us?