Recover Mess ge 2

May —

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m settling in okay. Everyone at HaptAI has been very welcoming and are showing me the ropes.

I haven’t picked up any cases of my own but I’m shadowing a couple of people. They have some really interesting stuff going on. I know you don’t like all the tech talk but here goes some… prosthetic limb integration with nerves, muscles and the brain is really advanced. They are working on some hybrids (people who have prosthetic limbs and some AI interfacing into the brain) and it’s pretty cool what’s being achieved at HaptAI.

Boston is getting warmer. Cherry blossoms starting to come out. Mornings can be chilly but by afternoon is really sunny and hot. Everyone says the winter and the flooding downtown was unprecedented. I’m just happy to be here.