Recovered Message 22


I’ve created a cloud dump site to restore data to as a short-term emergency. All of the servers were fried in the flood so whatever can be restored is going to server storage at a site further inland.

We’ll have to try and organize the files and folder structure from there.

The off-site backup storage in Revere is gone as well so we are really going all out to claw data back from the server hard drives.

Will keep you posted.


Recovered Message 23

from: Luke Meyer <>
to: Jen Miller <>
date: 05 October 2— at 17:27
subject: Advice
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Hey Jen,

I know you’re visiting your parents but not sure who else to turn to. Something happened today at the hospital and I really don’t know who to talk to about it.

I got to the hospital a little earlier than Chris and Sarah in the neural mesh team so had to wait around. I went into the ante-chamber of Jonathan’s ICU room to wait for everyone to arrive. The door was open to Jonathan’s room and I could see the military guy talking to a doctor. I sat down to wait. I was on my V-Z going over my notes so wasn’t listening to what they were saying but could hear some words.

Anyway, their conversation finishes up and the military guy and doctor come into the ante-chamber and see me. I stood to say hello and the military guy asks who I am. I tell them I’m from HaptAI’s neural mesh team. Then the doctor tells me to wait in the hallway and that no unauthorized personnel are allowed in the ante-chamber. When have we not waited in the ante-chamber before going in to see Jonathan? They were really off and unfriendly. I had my HaptAI ID on so it’s not like I was some random person.

I’ve been wracking my brain to remember what they were talking about but the only words that I heard were ‘tests’, ‘unusual activity’, and ‘seizures’ – so nothing alarming when you consider what Jonathan has been through and the small risk of the neural mesh connection surgery.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. It was just the look on their faces, like I had broken into Fort Knox.

Hope all is okay with your folks.


Recovered Message 33

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6175559876 6175554321 11/19/20XX 19:37:09 SMS 3570006453249872 BACK BAY

Jen you need to get onto HaptAI’s intranet now.

The conversation we had at the hospital is uploaded onto the restored data page the IT guys created after the flood.

How was that conversation recorded? We were at the hospital looking at the code on an air gap machine. There was nothing there to do with HaptAI – except Jonathan’s neural mesh. Was the neural mesh inside Jonathan’s brain recording us?