Recovered Message 10

September —

Rained hard last night, mixed with high tide. Some roads leading to City Hospital are flooded making it hard to get there.
When I eventually got to the hospital the military guy was in the ICU room before you go into the boy’s (Jonathan) room. Not sure what his rank is – Major? Colonel? Anyway, he’s the boy – Jonathan’s – guardian. Uncle, maybe. He spoke to all of us in the neural mesh team saying he wanted the neural mesh implanted in Jonathan and it was all go. We’re working hard on getting the mesh coded and ready. It’s non-stop, round the clock work. I don’t think I’ve seen the sun, a bar, a baseball game or a weekend at home in weeks.
It’s all for Jonathan though. We all feel like we need to get the neural mesh perfected for his arm and leg commands and movement so that it’s seamless.
The prosth team are prepping with surgeons to connect his humerus and femur to the prosths. As he grows into an adult it will be less complicated to change out the prosths.

Recovered Message 24

Notes on Case 503729:

Neural mesh implant surgery was successful. We’ll monitor the growth and expansion of the mesh throughout Jonathan’s brain and down into his shoulder and arm over the next few days. 

Once the mesh is established then we can connect the prosthetic arm and get to work on the programming.

We’re doing the implants in stages. Once the arm is settled then we’ll work on inserting a mesh implant to connect his leg.

Jonathan still not talking so no one is sure exactly how he feels after the ops.